Top 5 Reasons why New England Hunters are Top Notch

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The Northeast has a long history of hunting. There are a various amount of reasons why I would consider New England Hunters Top Contender’s when it comes to being some of the best hunters out there. These 5  reasons I feel  should cement my argument as to why we are a notch above most:


5. To us, every harvest is a Trophy. We may have big ego’s but were damn proud of who we are and our accomplishments. Just because we didn’t harvest a massive 10 point buck doesn’t mean that we didn’t bag a trophy in our eyes.. A lot of hunters across our nation at times concern themselves with only the biggest buck out there when it comes to hunting.Sometimes a trophy is also measured by maturity which doesnt necessarily equate to a gaint rack. Rather mature bucks are smarter and harder to kill. While we certainly won’t be passing up on a monster buck either. We know the chances are often few and far between. So we work with what we have and are just as proud taking home a good size 6 or 8 pointer that puts food on the table for our families.


4. We are tougher than most. We are born and bred in all 4 seasons. But our hunting season starts in the winter. We know how to patssnowhunt in the blistering cold temperatures for hours on end waiting for that one shot at our game. We thrive in the cold when others can’t. Just look at the New England Patriots for example. Home games in the winter belong to us. We welcome teams from warmer climates to come here and get dismantled because they just cant handle the cold.



3. We dont rely on CRP Fields and Food plots. Not saying hunting these types of areas are wrong but in the northeast many of us rely on finding natural food sources, as we usually don’t have that kind of terrain or opportunity to hunt it. In reality this helps us keep our scouting skills finely tuned. Honestly, how many magazines or articles have you read where guys in the mid westdeercrop are staked out in a tree stand or blind on the edge of a soybean or alfalfa field? Too many times..

For the New England hunter we have learned to pursue our game rather than waiting for them.








2. Adaptability. We have a big home to the suburban buck here in New England as well as the Northeast. While we do have rural settings with mountains and lakes with some open territory, we have a lot more urban and suburban grounds to offer the whitetail deer. Of course the Surburban Buck knows this. When the hunting season comes around so does the pressure. I would say 90% of the time we can’t just go hunt in Joe Somebody’s backyard, so they find a safe haven there while we watch from our back porch. However just as they have evolved so have we. Thankfully local legend A.J. Derosa has provided us with the Urban Deer Complex to help even the odds.buckyard

1.Determination. It’s no secret, the Northeast is the hardest place to hunt in the United States. Year after year we constantly have the lowest numbers in deer density and tags filled in North America. While the mid-west and other parts of our country enjoy hunting at an easier level (or higher success rate) stick it out like only New Engander’s can. Even with the odds stacked against us. There’s a reason people don’t come to New England for their “Dream Hunt”.

Instead places like Kansas, Illinois, Colorado or Iowa become a hunters destination. Another concrete example: Look at the hunting industry and find me one show that’s successfully filmed in New England. You cant because deer are smarter and a lot harder to find around here.

OK, One more example, recently I came across an article called “The Top 10 Worst Deer Hunting States“. Half of the list mentioned New England States(New England is made up of 6 states).Yet we still prevail! After all is said and done it’s not so hard to believe these 5 reasons anymore now is it?…The facts are all there!


If you are reading this and you are from New England( I’d also like to mention other northeast states like NY, Pennsylvaniaand New Jersey)and successfully fill your tags year after year or even at all. Then feel free to pat yourself on the back my friend because you are part of a different breed of hunters. There’s also a good chance that there will be a lot of negative feedback but I’m perfectly fine with that. Once again as a New Englander thick skin comes with the territory so bring it on!




I also wanna give a BIG shoutout to Jake Bennett on helping me do research on for this article. As well as providing me with the knowledge to write it. So if something doesn’t add up be sure to blame him! haha Thanks Jake!



Author: Justin Coots

Just a local kid born and raised outside of Boston,mass . Lot of love for hunting and hitting the gym.Both my sanctuary and fortress of solitude.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons why New England Hunters are Top Notch”

  1. All are trophies in my book. Not so sure about being tougher. Our edges and food plots are back yards and in that regard increase the difficulty because of safety setbacks. The greatest holdback for New England is the loss of the hunter populace (<10%). Densely packed residential areas and the opinions of the many non hunters / Bambi lovers have, through local government policy, restricted or forbidden hunting. This has resulted in an increase of herd size to well above the area carrying capacity. Because of this we are starting to see local communities opening properties to hunting for the purpose of herd control. We were successful, working with our town leaders and the conservation commission, in opening lands to hunt deer (archery only) that had been closed to hunting for 40 years.

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